Sandman: Dream Country (Volume Three)

Sandman: Dream Country (Volume Three)

Neil Gaiman

Review time!  Volume three of the Sandman series was okay.  I enjoyed it, but not as much as the other two volumes.  I liked the issue with the muse and was incredibly excited about Death’s appearance, but “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” left me wanting more.  It could be that it wasn’t my favorite Shakespeare play and that caused me to not really care much about the issue, but I didn’t feel that it has that awesome plot I was hoping for. Instead, I found myself kind of bored with it.

Also, was it me or was this volume super short?  I liked the extras at the end, but I kind of skimmed through them since I has just finished reading the scenes a few minutes earlier.  I feel like either this volume has less issues or they were shorter.  I’ll have to take a look at them again.  I still liked this volume enough to recommend it.  You guys should check it out, if only to see a muse (I love muses–I wish writers could still have a personal muse*) and Death.  My rating: 4/5

*I once read this book called A Certain Slant of Light where a man is able to write because he is haunted by a ghost who loves him and inspires him to keep writing.  It was wonderful to read.

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  1. it is shorter, only 4 (I think) issues. the cats one is super creepy, right? I think I love midsummer night’s dream largely for the beautiful art, and a little because of what Dream says about it being sad the fairies are leaving because they made mortals’ dreams richer, which is totally true, people are much more blah now that they don’t believe in fairies. and the muse story is fairly cool, too.

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