The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes/The Doll’s House (Volumes One and Two)

Originally, I thought to review this series as a whole.  After finishing book two, I changed my mind about waiting to review them once I finished.  Instead, I decided I am going to review each book as I I go along.  Also, Margo made it quite clear I should be reviewing these as soon as possible, haha.  This post will contain the first two volumes.  Enjoy!

Volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes

Neil Gaiman

Before I start: This has got to be one of my favorite titles of all time.  It’s just really fun to say.  Prelude and Nocturnes, Preludes and Nocturnes, Preludes and Nocturnes–what?  The review?  But…fine.  I’m on it!  The beginning of this volume was insanely confusing.  It got to the point where I had to put the book down and take a break from it.  I think the layout of the graphic novel itself confused me a bit, especially after the predictable and traditional format of the three series I read right before beginning this one.  Once Dream broke free and he began his questing, it got a lot easier to understand the world and the main characters.  It was also easier to fall into the rhythm of the writing (which, as expected, is incredible).  I liked Dream quite a bit (for a comic character, he’s pretty damn handsome) and I adored his sister, so even though it was hard to get into, I was eager to start volume two.




Volume 2: The Doll’s House

Neil Gaiman

I was prepared to be confused when I started this volume.  I had a good handle on what was going on, so it was fairly painless to understand what was happening at the beginning of the book.  I also found myself feeling like I was about to open a Christmas present.  I couldn’t wait to see what would happen in this volume.  I liked the new characters that were introduced, especially when it was revealed that they’re related to seemingly insignificant characters introduced in the last volume.  I always feel really special when I remember previous minor characters.  Almost like that one time when I remembered to bring the Stop and Shop bags with me without Margo/Ally having to remind me.  I also thought the plot wrapped itself up really well in the end.  I liked the feeling of being complete.  Now, on to the next one!

4 thoughts on “The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes/The Doll’s House (Volumes One and Two)”

  1. yay! I have to say, these first two volumes of the series are not my favorite, though they are, objectively speaking, very good. but i love the last comic in the first volume, “The Sound of Her Wings,” which has such a lovely view of death and Death (she’s an awesome gothy punk chick! Death rules!). But though I don’t love The Doll’s House, it’s worth a re-read after you’ve finished the series, because…well I won’t tell you, but keep remembering minor characters, they tend to come up again. Also, how fabulous and mind-bending is the art on the pages where Rose goes all vortexy? so cool.

    1. oh! I forgot that another of my favorite issues actually is in The Doll’s House, “Men of Good Fortune,” where we meet Hob Gadling, who decided in 1389 not to die–and then didn’t. So. Good. Hob is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. And how much do you love that the conversations in 1389 in the inn/pub are the same as the conversations in 1989 in the cafe/restaurant? nice touch, Neil.

      1. Hob was awesome. Def. one of my favorite parts of that volume. And I agree, “Sound of Her Wings” was excellent. I think it was that part that made me decide I really liked the series. Death is super kickass. Also, you totally looked just like her for Halloween/New Years. Your hair needed to be a little longer, but besides that, you totally got everything else down pat. And yes, I went back to find the photos after I got to that part, lol.

        1. heehee, thanks! i think she actually does have short hair in one issue, but she generally has the big crazy hair. but i am never going to have big crazy hair again, it is a huge pain.

          pretty much everyone who ever reads the series agrees that “The Sound of Her Wings” is the one that made them really love it and keep going. Before that, it’s an interesting premise/world/characters, but the story is still finding its feet. by the end of the doll’s house, gaiman clearly had the long term plot and themes pretty well figured out, and the rest of the series is great. except for A Game of You, which I’ve only read once.

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