The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Whoooeee.  This was quite the book.  I’m not even sure where to start.  I suppose…the beginning?

First of all, The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy.  According to the information in the back of my copy, she claims she never intended it to be a trilogy.  I find this very hard to believe because had the book ended the way it did, without any other novels, I would have been mighty pissed.  It ends in a way that leaves the reader assuming there is more to the story.  Much more.  So much for starting at the beginning right?

The first couple of chapters were great–Collins builds the future world for us, introduces everyone to characters we like (or like to dislike) and briefs us on what’s been going on in their lives.  Once the book brings us to the Capital for preparations, I found it lost some of the steam it had going in the beginning.  Once the games start, however, I was hooked.  I literally stayed up all night reading most of the book.  This morning I woke up cold and seriously contemplated skipping lunch so I could finish it.  My clever solution?  Read and eat at the same time.

I will say: The writing style took a few pages to get used to.  It’s written in the present tense, something I’m not used to.  However, it made the book so much more dramatic, suspenseful and action-packed (and other synonyms)  than it would have been had it been written any other way.  I hope the others in the series are written the same way.

As a main character I enjoyed Katniss.  She’s strong, independent, intelligent and flawed.  She’s human, and I enjoy that quality about her.  She doesn’t sail through the book without making mistakes, but she always manages to act rather than stand by.  I am going o gladly add her to my list of awesome main characters.

I am doing my best to not give any bit of the plot away, because it is too exciting to ruin.  I suggest you all go out and pick up a copy at your local library and get to reading!  Also, I really liked the cover.  I felt special when I noticed the silhouettes in the letters of the title and knew what they meant.  Katniss totally looks badass as well.  You go girl!

My official score: 5/5

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