Jonathon/an Coulton’s Fancy Pants

Is it Jonathan?  Jonathon?  Let me check.  What’s that Hilary?  “an?”  Deal.  So, last night Hilary and I went to Manhattan to sit in the Best Buy theater for four hours of nerdfest.  It was AWESOME.  I mostly went to see Jonathan Coulton, but there were tons of other super cool people there to entertain everyone.  Paul and Storm opened, followed (in a random order) by: Grant Imahara, Adam Savage, Jonathan Coulton, MC Frontalot, the dude who started, a drummer with the perfect rock star voice, Marian Call (who played the typewriter!) and several video appearances from Wil Wheaton.

I wore my Queen Elizabeth costume as best I could.  I was very pleased to see many others also in costume, including, but not limited to: Waldo, a Tigger in denial, a boxing nun, Holly Golightly, Jayne (from Firefly), Doctor Horrible (not to be confused with the eleventh Doctor, who was also there in a fez), a Jedi toddler, Yoshi, a girl dressed up as Final Fantasy and characters from Star trek.  I was so excited to see the Doctor that I nearly knocked Hilary over and I lost the pearls in my hair.  Then I spotted Jayne and ran over for a photo.  He was incredibly good looking and very nice.  Hilary’s camera decided to make me two different colors, but I’m more than willing to take one for the team!

Thanks Hilary!

Walking through NYC in a costume is also an insanely interesting experience.  I lost count around compliment number nine, but a lot of people liked my dress.  Also, a completely random guy took a photo with Hilary and her hat (it was a Chain Chomp that was eating her head).  Ignoring all of the fun I had: walking to the venue, seeing fellow nerds dressed awesomely, sharing the nastiest falafel with Hilary and getting to meet one of my favorite musicians of all time–the highlight of my night was when Jonathan Coulton performed his song “Mr. Fancy Pants” as epically as any song could ever be sung.  Don’t believe me?  Well good thing I youtubed the clip before writing this!  Here is the brilliant and adorable Jonathan Coulton singing his song “Mr. Fancy Pants” during W00tstock 2010:

I know, right?  So, so perfect.  At the end of the show, all the performers (minus Adam Savage) came out for a signing.  I didn’t have anything of theirs, but they all signed the Tamora Pierce book I had on me.  There are very few things that are better than feeling completely at home with a group of strangers.  I wasn’t worried about the things I really enjoyed, the corny jokes I laughed so hard at that I snork, or if I looked stupid.  I knew everyone around me was just as nerdy (if not nerdier) and were together to have fun.  When nerds gather, the world levels up.  Best night ever!  Cue the fanfare!

Week Twenty-Two

Happy Saturday!  In honor of Halloween, I wore my costume to my meeting.  I decided to weigh-in with the darn thing on (even though it is quite heavy).  Even with the dress and jewelry on, I lost .2 pounds!  My leader (who was dressed up as Minnie Mouse) thought my brother, who dressed up as a hero sandwich and a cape (super hero, get it?) and I were so cool that she took photos of us.

Tomorrow I’ll have pictures of myself in my dress to show you guys, and to compare with photos from three years ago when I was 34 pounds heavier.  I’ll post those Monday-ish.  This is completely random: I was so so looking forward to getting lots of free Halloween candy I could have each day, but everyone loves me so much that they all got me pretzels and other healthy snacks.  Noooo!  My plans have been foiled!  Sadly, it was foiled by love and affection so I am more likely to hug than duel.  Oh well.  Maybe for Christmas I will be given free candy?

Have a grand Halloween!


Look at all the movies I’ve been seeing lately!  Everyone should be so so proud of me.  Tonight I went to see Devil with my friend (I can’t think of a good nickname.  What should we call him?).  I was very happy that it was a short one because I am totally one of those people who get bored quickly.  I was afraid I’d be terrified during this movie, but it wasn’t bad at all.  It was more of a bloody death kind of movie than a creepy ghost kind.  Plus, you never really have to see any of the deaths actually happen.  I jumped only once, and it was more of a “Nooo!  Dwight!”

I predicted who the Devil was from the start, and once you witness how the first person dies, it’s pretty much the same format for the rest of the movie.  There aren’t many surprises in the hour and a half.  Again, its length kept it from getting too boring, and the ending wrapped everything up together very nicely.  I liked it.

My official rating?  3.5/5

Six Flags

This Saturday (the 23rd) I went to Six Flags for some Fright Fest fun.  I had a great time!  The park was decorated awesomely and there was music, rides, and haunted attractions.  However, like Bayville, I thought the park could use way more actors running around the grounds.  While I understand there not being enough volunteers at the firehouse, Six Flags is expensive and should be able to afford more actors.  There were only about two actors in each area, which didn’t make walking around very scary.  Props to the guy dressed in green who walked around with the chainsaw.  He scared me a few times, haha.

Besides that, three of the haunted attractions cost money in addition to the ticket to get inside the park.  Wasn’t my 50 dollar ticket enough, Six Flags?  The lines for the rides were long and there were masses of people at every attraction, which is to be expected.  The problem is that half of your time is spent on line while the other half is spent worrying about getting to shows early enough to grab a spot where you could see.  For the amount of money I spent, I am tempted to say Six Flags isn’t worth it, but I leave that up to the visitor to decide.  If you’re a big ride person and don’t mind waiting in line for long periods of time, then you would easily get your ticket’s worth during the day while seeing all of the events at night.  Even though it was massively expensive (and far from my house) I think I would consider going again next year, if only to go dressed up for the haunted areas.  After all, that’s really why I went this year.  If I could have fit in the coasters with my dress, I would have gone in it.

Taking price (2/5), distance (2/5), events (5/5) and how spooky (3/5) it was into consideration, I give Six Flags a 3/5.

Anna and the King

What a long movie!  I think that might be my biggest complaint about this film.  It runs for 2.5 hours and there really isn’t a need for it to be that long.  I thought the movie itself was wonderful (I adore Chow Yun-Fat).  It had the perfect amount of teasingly adorable romance to please a viewer.  The King and I is my favorite musical of all, and I have been meaning to see this movie for a few years now.  It didn’t disappoint.  At first  I thought the length of the movie was because they were going to add in the music.  Thank God they didn’t–it would have ruined the whole thing.

If I could write a letter to the movie people (oh yea, total film major here), I would ask them to please cut out a lot of stuff regarding Tuptim and her lover–it is important, but not the main focus of the movie.  Also, some scenes with Louis can go too.  He was vastly annoying.  Sorry Tom Felton–you’re only cute when you’re older.  And hotter.

Overall I give this move: 4/5

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Today I saw Kiki’s Delivery Service for the first time.  I meant to see this movie sooner, but then things started happening and you guys know how that goes.  Recently my brother got into Spirited Away and I thought there was no better time to catch up on my Miyazaki films than now.  I’m a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s films–I’ve seen quite a few of them (though I have a few more left to go).  I wasn’t disappointed by this movie!

While Kiki isn’t my favorite of his movies (that spot is reserved for Howl), I enjoyed it very much.  It’s a great movie for those who are about to set off into the world their own for the first time.  I’ve been so preoccupied with moving out and getting my MLS that it was really nice to watch a film about a young witch who is learning about herself in a strange city.  Kiki is strong, and confident, but also needs to learn a lot about the world and her place in it.  I enjoyed watching her learn her lessons.  Also, Jiji is awesome.  I’d LOVE a cat just like him.

If you’re looking for another wonderful Miyazaki film that leaves you feeling happier than when you started, I highly recommend this one (and Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro and…). My official, super professional rating?  4/5

Baby Hamsters

Phew!  I was waiting on this post so that I could combine all the photos together.  As you all know, my brother’s hamster gave birth to seven adorable babies.  They were born blind, deaf and without fur.  Over the past few weeks they went from looking like odd wiggly worms:

We're blind, deaf and naked!

To slightly more adorable worms:

We're still blind, but now we have some fur!

Now they are causing Eleanor a great deal of stress by running out of the nest and trying to go on adventures.  They have fur, nibble on bits of vegetables I give them with their baby paws and any day now, they should open their eyes.  Here’s an adorable video I took this morning of the babies:

Tomorrow I’ll be able to cuddle with the hammies and take photos of them for the wonderful four people who have agreed to adopt some of the siblings.  If anyone else within reasonable distance from Long Island would like a hamster baby, there are three left!  If you need any convincing, please watch the baby yawns in the video again.  With any luck, I’ll be able to bribe update photos from the new hamster baby mommas and faddas for you all to see.

Week Twenty-One

Did you guys know that my readers happen to be the most intelligent and good looking people in the world?  It’s true.  Scientific fact.

Anyhoozle, this week I lost 3.2 pounds for a grand total of 33.4!  Brianna and I are going to join a gym tomorrow and work out.  Yay!  Working out!  I’ll let all of you know how that goes.  It will probably result in a hilarious story/letter to the universe.  In other news, I officially can no longer wear two pairs of pants.  They drop off my body.  While it’s for a really good reason, I am still annoyed.  I can’t pay for meetings and new clothes at the same time!  Honestly, what were they thinking?

I’m excited for you guys to see the post I have coming about the hamsters as well as Halloween.  They are going to be grand!  For now, I’m off to Six Flags with Sara–hope you guys have a good week!


Tonight I went to the movies with my friend Brianna (after a very embarrassing adventure in Target).  We saw Hereafter.  I didn’t know it came out tonight–I know, I know, my movie ignorance is showing.  We got tickets early, and frolicked around until it was time to see the movie.  Good thing we bought them early!  There were about fifteen other people in the theater besides us.  Oops.  I made sure to sit in the direct center of the theater.  You know, because I am obnoxious like that.

Anyway, let’s talk about the movie.  Hereafter is about death.  It follows three different people as they deal with death: one almost died, one’s family member recently died and one can talk to dead people.  At the end, like many movies with different storylines, we get to see the beautiful way the tangled vines come together to form something wonderful.

First of all, the beginning half of the movie was intense and shocking.  I gasped a lot, and was sucked into the movie as if what I was seeing was actually happening.  At one point, I remember being terrified, and realizing the entire theater was completely silent.  There was no music in the film, not one sound–no one moved in the theater.  Everything was silent.  The second half of the movie, which brings the major events together towards the conclusion, touched me in ways a movie hasn’t done in a long time.

I have been obsessed with death and dying for a few months now.  I have asked everyone I’ve come in contact with what they think happens after we die, and most people have been wonderful about telling me what they believe.  I needed this movie.  I left the theater feeling light, and feeling satisfied.  I thought it was beautiful, and careful and perfect.  The ending is truthfully hopeful, without being corny.  For me, Even though this movie was about three different people, it was really just about Marcus–and his story was told fantastically.  I sincerely recommend this movie to everyone.

My official rating? 5.5/5


Last year I participated in NaNoWriMo (even though I was student teaching) and I completely kicked it’s behind.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, NaNoWriMo is a contest where everyone tries to write 50,000 words, the length of the average novel, in one month.  It was like taking an extra class in November–hard, but possible.

This year I decided to try my hand at it again.  I have an idea about what I’ll write about, so I’m super excited to start!  For those of you interested in joining me on my quest, you can join the contest at the NaNoWriMo site–then make sure to friend me!  Here is a link to my profile: Writing like a loony is always better with friends!

I’ll update you guys on how writing goes.  And just to show you I will follow through on my updates, here’s the only photo I could find on facebook of me in my red dress!  Try to imagine the rest!

It's red, I swear!