Soy Stir Fry

Tonight I made the most delicious dinner.  How do I know it was delicious?  Because everyone ate it all before I could take a picture of it.  That’s how.

I bought shirataki noodles, which are tofu noodles kept in a liquid and usually refrigerated.  A whole package of these noodles are about ten calories, so I am a fan.  I will warn those who are interested: The liquid they come in smells like the black death, so make sure to wash the noodles with water before cooking.  Also, you should boil the noodles for about 2 minutes just to make sure they won’t taste like dead horse butt. Once you wash them off and boil ’em a bit, they end up tasting like pre-chicken powder ramen.

In any case, I cooked up these noodles with garlic, onions, soy bean sprouts, mushrooms, chicken, broccoli and soy sauce.  Twas delicious.  The noodles themselves don’t really have a taste, so make sure when cooking with them that you toss them in with something that is strong (or at least, stronger than nothing).  I see myself cooking this again in the future–it was quick, easy, and tasted yummy.

One thought on “Soy Stir Fry”

  1. *wonders why the packaging/preserving liquid has such a funky smell* Hmm, maybe, even after it’s washed, that’s what imparts some of the flavor? 😮

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