The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

Mary Downing Hahn

I recently read this children’s ghost story.  In a nutshell (without cracking it open completely), the story is about an orphan girl named Florence who is adopted by her great uncle after the untimely death of her cousin, Sophia.  The moment she arrives at Crutchfield Hall, she becomes aware of the strangeness hanging in the air and from there she must solve the mystery of her cousin’s murder before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed reading the book, especially the parts at the beginning when Hahn is building up the suspense and mystery surrounding Sophia’s death.  I liked the writing, and there were even some points when I was incredibly creeped out, especially since I was reading it at night.  I read the book in one day, so for older audiences it’ll definitely be a quick read.  For younger readers looking for a quick, spooky story involving mysteries and ghosts, I highly recommend it. And even though everyone warns never to do this, I think the cover is awesome.  Yes, yes, I often judge covers.  Claps go to whoever designed this one–it was the reason I picked the book.

My official blog rating: 4/5

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