Week Sixteen!

This week brought with it a great weigh-in.  I lost 4.2, for a grand total loss of 27.2 pounds!  That’s FOUR babies!  In other words, I’ve lost (by my impressive English-major calculations) AN ENTIRE TODDLER!  I’m massively excited.

I passed my 10% goal, and am on my way to reaching my final weight goal.  I’m getting better at my yoga routine, which makes me happy and Vito is ever my reliable night-time walking buddy.  Things are looking grand.  I tried on my Halloween costume last night and it totally fit (which means I am smaller than I was sophomore year of college).  I’ll make sure to show you comparison photos after this Halloween.

If I lose another 1.8 pounds, I will weight the lowest I have ever weighed since graduating high school.  I’m massively excited.  I have to figure out some way of celebrating this.  Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Week Sixteen!”

  1. i always celebrate with books. Or a trip to the movies, if I’m feeling adventurous. Of course, I also buy books for comfort and out of extreme boredom, so…

  2. You should celebrate by taking a trip down to Virginia… and hang out with ME!! 🙂 Congrats on the weight loss! I’m too lazy to do anything but maybe that’ll change soon 😉

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