Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man

Brian Vaughan

Phew.  I finally finished the series!

At first I didn’t think it was very impressive.  Yorick was a comic hottie, but I disliked 355 and Ampersand.  Even minor characters made me want to bash my head against a desk because I was either embarrassed by the portrayal of my gender or because they were just obnoxious characters.  I didn’t start really enjoying the series until after book three–then I couldn’t stop reading.  Some parts (like the bit about the play written about the last man on earth) I found to be boring, but other parts, such as the whole dramatic piece in volume 9, had me literally locking myself in the bathroom so I could finish without being interrupted.

Without giving anything away, here is what I thought of the ending: I liked it.  I thought it was tragic, and it broke my heart, but I kind of expected it to happen in some way at the beginning of the series.  The explanation for the plague was enough to satisfy me.  I enjoyed the 10th volume’s way of wrapping everything up and giving me enough hope that I was happy, but not enough to erase the sorrow of past events.  I think it’s important for books to stay true to the way things should be.  Sorrow should be honored as much as joy.

And don’t worry!  355 and Ampersand have found their own special places in my heart.  Rose and Beth #2  are also some personal favorites.  I still think Hero is a massive jerk though.

I recommend this series to readers who like stories about humanity and enjoy watching the way hard circumstances can change a people for the better and for the worse.  My rating: 4.5/5

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