Introducing Eleanor of Aquitaine!

Before I start the story of joy and rainbows, I just need to tell you all something: I am the best sister in the world.

Phew, okay, now that I got that out of my system, here’s the news!  I brought my brother to a pet store yesterday to get the hamster he has been dying to get for ages.  We drove a long way to get to the small pet shop I found online, and after some browsing, we found the cutest hamster.  She’s white with brown spots and has a little bump in her ear.  Since I was paying for her, I got to name her.

I decided to name her Eleanor of Aquitaine (after one of my favorite women in history).  We call her Eleanor for short.  I couldn’t get her to stop ninja leaping out of my arms long enough to take a photo, so I used my fancy art skills to draw a completely life-like painting of her.  I know, I know, it’s hard to tell it’s just a drawing.

I’ll have some real photos up soon!  Promise!

Dear Stranger That Tried To Convert Me To Islam,

I am very confused as to why you were so sneaky about handing me the books.  I thought we had a very intellectual, though inappropriate, conversation about free-thinkers and religion.  Even though it caused my coworkers to come over and try to pry me away from your questions, I thought it was harmless.  Until you handed me the book within a book, that is.  I also heard you went and spoke to several other women about it too.  That made me feel like you were cheating on me with other unsuspecting young women.  I kind of want to tell the other guy that tried to convert me to Christianity about you, then kindly hand you both a gladiator q-tip and watch you smack it out for my soul.


The confused employee

Week Seventeen

This week I lost 1.2, for a total of 28.4 pounds.  I got further in my yoga DVD than ever before, so I’m pretty damn excited.

Yesterday I bought a curling iron–one of these days I’m going to make my hair all pretty and curl it.  One day.  Probably in the distant future.  Maybe for Halloween?  Haha.  I’ll make sure to take photos of my work.  Today I’ll be headed to a bridal shower, so for now I contented myself with straight hair.  Took me an hour to do, so it better not rain.  Hear that, weather Gods?  No rain, no chance of rain, no mild humidity, no stray rain drop.  Just no.

I also bought some of that body butter stuff to try out.  I’ll be sure to let you know if it makes my skin feel new again–I’ll rate myself on a scale of chinchilla to piranha teeth.  Or perhaps it will just prep me for the cannibals?  It certainly makes me smell delicious (I picked the vanilla one).  I wonder if rubbing regular butter everywhere does the same thing.  Hmm.  I should try that out on a day off.  In any case, I digress.

One last bit of news: I added a new handy dandy category on the side bar.  Now you can easily find the posts I’ve written on food.  Enjoy your Saturday!

Dear Rosa,

Thank you for cutting my hair and making it look all pretty!  I am now having issues with not touching it every five seconds.  You’re wonderful and nice and pretty!  Also, you cut my bangs the way I like them!  If you were an X-Men, your gift would be to cut hair perfectly every time.  I hope you get loads of tips and the best parking spot ever.   Also, here is a photo for the universe to look at (just to prove that Rosa totally deserves the very best things forever).

The background kind of reminds me of an elementary school photo

Thanks again, Rosa!  My hair is all straight and flippy (and sadly probably will never be again until the next time Rosa fixes it).  Best wishes!


The girl who cheered when you finished cutting her hair

Soy Stir Fry

Tonight I made the most delicious dinner.  How do I know it was delicious?  Because everyone ate it all before I could take a picture of it.  That’s how.

I bought shirataki noodles, which are tofu noodles kept in a liquid and usually refrigerated.  A whole package of these noodles are about ten calories, so I am a fan.  I will warn those who are interested: The liquid they come in smells like the black death, so make sure to wash the noodles with water before cooking.  Also, you should boil the noodles for about 2 minutes just to make sure they won’t taste like dead horse butt. Once you wash them off and boil ’em a bit, they end up tasting like pre-chicken powder ramen.

In any case, I cooked up these noodles with garlic, onions, soy bean sprouts, mushrooms, chicken, broccoli and soy sauce.  Twas delicious.  The noodles themselves don’t really have a taste, so make sure when cooking with them that you toss them in with something that is strong (or at least, stronger than nothing).  I see myself cooking this again in the future–it was quick, easy, and tasted yummy.

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall

Mary Downing Hahn

I recently read this children’s ghost story.  In a nutshell (without cracking it open completely), the story is about an orphan girl named Florence who is adopted by her great uncle after the untimely death of her cousin, Sophia.  The moment she arrives at Crutchfield Hall, she becomes aware of the strangeness hanging in the air and from there she must solve the mystery of her cousin’s murder before it’s too late.

I really enjoyed reading the book, especially the parts at the beginning when Hahn is building up the suspense and mystery surrounding Sophia’s death.  I liked the writing, and there were even some points when I was incredibly creeped out, especially since I was reading it at night.  I read the book in one day, so for older audiences it’ll definitely be a quick read.  For younger readers looking for a quick, spooky story involving mysteries and ghosts, I highly recommend it. And even though everyone warns never to do this, I think the cover is awesome.  Yes, yes, I often judge covers.  Claps go to whoever designed this one–it was the reason I picked the book.

My official blog rating: 4/5

What’s the Name of that Song?

I was stepping down the stairs in anticipation of the yoga I was about to enjoy.  My brother was playing the radio loudly enough for me to hear it from the stairs.  There was a song on that I’ve heard so many times during the week.  Every time I hear it, I immediately want to dance to it.  I stopped, listened and thought, “My God, I have to ask my brother what that song is called.”

Eight steps later I had completely forgotten my need to know the name of the song because it was yoga time and I do love my yoga time.  Also, my brain is made of Swiss cheese and sometimes very important thoughts just roll/evaporate/fall right out.  Twenty minutes later, as my forehead touched the ground for child’s pose, I suddenly remembered: I forgot to ask about that song!

So I asked my brother, who was exercising beside me, what the song was called.  He asked me when I heard it.  I told him, and he then asked how it went.  As I lifted my hips up into downward facing dog and balanced courage with acceptance (something my DVD instructor reminds me of every eight seconds, much to my displeasure and annoyance), I hummed it.

I might as well have birthed an alien from my rear end.  At least that would have been more deserving of the look of complete confusion and horror he gave me.  I sang the tune four more times before he told me the name of a song.

I’m pretty sure the jerk just pulled any old song out of his brain just to get me to stop singing.  Well, it worked.  I went upstairs at the end of my routine and youtubed the song title he gave me.

That wasn’t it.  The feeling of hopelessness only lasted a moment–I realized I could easily just look on the radio station’s website.  I looked on the list of their last ten songs, and searched each one on youtube.  No luck.  I turned to their mile-long playlist.  I started at number eleven and started searching again.  I had a moment of devastating panic when I thought for a moment it might be a Selena Gomez song, but it turned out not to be the one.  Thank God.

Half an hour later, I finally reached number fifty-one.  The song matched, and I rejoiced with dancing and half-singing (I don’t know the words well enough yet).  After the euphoria of actually finding what had been gnawing away at my brain for DAYS, I realized I probably shouldn’t tell everyone this story.
Naturally, I thought you guys might enjoy it.  Moral of the story?  Triangle pose is very hard to hold when you are trying to hum and focus on the breath at the same time.

Week Sixteen!

This week brought with it a great weigh-in.  I lost 4.2, for a grand total loss of 27.2 pounds!  That’s FOUR babies!  In other words, I’ve lost (by my impressive English-major calculations) AN ENTIRE TODDLER!  I’m massively excited.

I passed my 10% goal, and am on my way to reaching my final weight goal.  I’m getting better at my yoga routine, which makes me happy and Vito is ever my reliable night-time walking buddy.  Things are looking grand.  I tried on my Halloween costume last night and it totally fit (which means I am smaller than I was sophomore year of college).  I’ll make sure to show you comparison photos after this Halloween.

If I lose another 1.8 pounds, I will weight the lowest I have ever weighed since graduating high school.  I’m massively excited.  I have to figure out some way of celebrating this.  Any ideas?

The Poll

Hello ladies.

Look at the poll, now back to me, now look at the poll, now back to me.  Sadly, it isn’t the same.  This is because I decided to honor the poll and read The Hunger Games!  I added some new options, and (hopefully) successfully reset it.  If you’re having trouble voting, let me know.  This novel is going to take me a little longer than usual because I also have to read a book for work.  But thanks for the suggestion!  Happy voting!

Y: The Last Man

Y: The Last Man

Brian Vaughan

Phew.  I finally finished the series!

At first I didn’t think it was very impressive.  Yorick was a comic hottie, but I disliked 355 and Ampersand.  Even minor characters made me want to bash my head against a desk because I was either embarrassed by the portrayal of my gender or because they were just obnoxious characters.  I didn’t start really enjoying the series until after book three–then I couldn’t stop reading.  Some parts (like the bit about the play written about the last man on earth) I found to be boring, but other parts, such as the whole dramatic piece in volume 9, had me literally locking myself in the bathroom so I could finish without being interrupted.

Without giving anything away, here is what I thought of the ending: I liked it.  I thought it was tragic, and it broke my heart, but I kind of expected it to happen in some way at the beginning of the series.  The explanation for the plague was enough to satisfy me.  I enjoyed the 10th volume’s way of wrapping everything up and giving me enough hope that I was happy, but not enough to erase the sorrow of past events.  I think it’s important for books to stay true to the way things should be.  Sorrow should be honored as much as joy.

And don’t worry!  355 and Ampersand have found their own special places in my heart.  Rose and Beth #2  are also some personal favorites.  I still think Hero is a massive jerk though.

I recommend this series to readers who like stories about humanity and enjoy watching the way hard circumstances can change a people for the better and for the worse.  My rating: 4.5/5