Quest For The Big Box

Tonight I realized I had to do something with the pile of discounted yarn I bought recently.  When I say pile, I don’t mean a little mound–I mean a giant boulder of one-pound skeins of yarn in every imaginable color.  I forced my brother to come with me to five stores, all of which had boxes that might possibly fit about half a hat inside.

After battling silly parking-lot walkers, who thought it was completely normal to text while walking in the exact center of the parking lot, and unsuccessfully explaining to several employees that all I wanted was one of those cute, long, wicker seats that had a removable top to reveal a vast empty space waiting to be filled with my yarn, I finally realized: It’s school season.  Who else, but new college students, would need an amazing selection of storage units?  Unrelated, I went back and read that huge sentence.  I kind of like its awkwardness.  I’m going to let it stay.

Anyway, I walked into the closest store, marched right up to the back-to-school section and found the most offensively large trunk I could find.  When I say this thing is HUGE, I kid you not.  I was able to easily fit all of my yarn inside, and while it takes up enough space in my room to make me feel guilty, I have to say I like it.  Also, it was probably hilarious to watch my brother and I trying to get that sucker inside my car.  It didn’t fit in the trunk even a little bit.  All in all, I think tonight was a big win.  Cue the Final Fantasy fanfare please!

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