I was sitting at my desk when the sky cracked open and it started raining like a three year old who couldn’t hold it anymore.  I turned off all my lights in hope there would be thunder and lightning, but there was nothing.  Disappointed, I thought about the shower I should take.  All week I’ve been in a thought bubble–I have thought the same sequence of causes and effects again and again, and felt the same hopelessness when I reached the same conclusion.  Finally, I got up from my chair, and instead of walking to the bathroom to shower, I went to the front door and stepped out into the rain.

It was cold.  I gasped involuntarily.  I couldn’t help but hold my arms out, palms facing the sky as if to say, “You, Cloud!  You’re wetting me!”  Rivers of rain flowed down the part of my bangs and splashed onto my shoulders.  It dribbled down my forehead, my nose; collected at the corners of my eyes and fell into the open flesh of my mouth.  In a matter of seconds, I was completely soaked.  My shirt, now completely saturated, weighed heavier and I was conscious of the way it pulled on my body.  I could feel the water slip down the center of my chest and stay at the bottom of my breasts until it grew too heavy and dripped onto my stomach.

I touched my hair, and my face and my legs.  For a complete and perfect moment in time, I felt cleansed.  It didn’t matter that my career was delayed or that I was stressed out about money.  I didn’t care about the lack of romance in my life or the person whom I wish for every single time 11:11pm is brought to my attention.  I didn’t care that time, cars, and all of nature was passing by.  I walked down the sidewalk until it ended, and stood there until the puddle on the cement beneath my bare feet and the rain falling on top of my head caused me to be too cold to remain.

For a few minutes I was connected to everything that is beautiful and perfect and alive.  Rain, with its neosporin-like qualities helped coat the wounds I brought out with me.  Next time I will bring someone with me and we will dance.  We will share that piece of life the way that perfect moments are meant to be shared.  Next time I will not step on the worm on the third step of my porch and I will stay until the thunder arrives.

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