The Tudors

I finally finished the last episode of the television show The Tudors. For the most part, I enjoyed the series. I have always loved British history (and I will certainly not complain with having to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill). While the show doesn’t always follow the historical path, I am willing to overlook it for the sake of a good story.  In my opinion, the cast was well chosen.  I loved the actress that played Catherine of Aragon almost as much as I hated the one that played Catherine Howard.  Then again, I am not Catherine Howard’s biggest fan, so perhaps I am slightly biased.

I also thought they did a nice job of ending the series.  Even though by the end of season three I wanted the ability to reach through the screen and strangle Henry myself, I was touched by the flashbacks to previous parts of his life just before his death.  Everyone knows how this series was going to pan out–Henry marries six times and then dies.  However, it was still entertaining to watch the seasons progress (especially in the beginning).  I had to take a short break during his marriage to Miss Howard, but once I got past that boring part, it was clear sailing.  Catherine Howard’s story was very similar to Anne’s, and while this was the way it panned out back in the day, it was a tad boring to watch as part of the show.  Thank God she only lasts a few episodes as opposed to Anne, who lasts most of two seasons.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and recommend it to those who like fancy dresses, history and scandal.  There are graphic torture and intimate scenes, so beware of watching the show around children.  I give it a 4/5.

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