Time for another movie review!  This time I went to see Inception.  I thought the movie was good.  It caused me to think a lot about where the plot was going and how it was going to get there.  I knew before sitting down that this was going to be more than just a simple movie on dreams, so it was kind of fun to try to find clues while I watched.  Most of the time I was aware that simple, ordinary things were probably nothing of the sort.  The ending is left open, which I rarely like–and didn’t like in this case.  I don’t think there are enough clues in the rest of the movie to truly argue one view over the other, though I have plenty of evidence to support what I think happened (I vote the top never stops).  The characters are enjoyable, but not very developed.  This is understandable (though not forgivable) when you take into consideration how much plot the movie had to rush through.

Anyway, I thought the idea of the movie was clever and fun, but the movie itself was waaaaay too long.  The movie could have been cut down quite a bit.  I will say that those who are a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and dress vests will not be disappointed at all.  I very much approved.  All in all, I think this movie is worth the money for a ticket and merits a few watches (even if it’s only to catch all the clues a second time).  I rate it a 4/5

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