Dear Kid Who Returned Books Two and Three of The Walking Dead,

I sincerely appreciate you bringing those books back ten minutes after I put the hold in the system.  I was in shock when I got them.  It was almost like you could feel my need to continue reading the series, and so you brought them back a week early.  The eight patrons waiting in line must think I am nuts now that they have witnessed me dancing around with two large books in my hands.  I couldn’t help it, it had to be done.  May you never have to wait for a book.


The Dancing Employee

Graphic Novels

I’ve always been a great supporter of graphic novels.  I love the way they encourage reluctant readers to eat up entire series because they don’t look like a traditional novel.  I love the colors and details in their artwork.  I love the way their pages feel.  As a kid I read the Bone series by Jeff Smith, and when I found out they were being published in collective volumes, I nearly did a dance at work.

I have to admit that I haven’t really read many graphic novels in my adult life.  Perhaps this is because of how messy the graphic novel section is at work, or perhaps because they are more expensive than my cheesy romance novels–who knows?  Of course I’ve read the classics like the Watchmen, but when it comes to reading, I tend to favor the wordier novels.

Recently a coworker suggested I read Runaways, a Marvel series written by Brian Vaughan.  I read the first four books over the last three days.  I love them!  When I go into work tomorrow, I plan on inter-library loaning the rest of them.  Some reviews I read of this series said that the plot was poorly constructed, the characters predictable and the artwork sloppy.  I’m not sure I agree with that.  The story is about a group of teens that discover their parents are actually super-villains.  They run away from home, and together bring their evil parents down.  In my opinion, I think the plot is great.  It’s a young adult series, and what young adult hasn’t at one point felt that their parents were the worst parents in the universe?  Even if this plot is predictable, it is comforting to read a story about teens who definitely have the worst parents in the world.  And the best part is they do something about it.  The girls in the ground don’t need to be rescued and there is even a little bit of romance!  Also, when the truth is revealed about the parent’s motivation for their plotting, I had a moment of uncertainty.  I wasn’t so sure they were as evil as I had pinned them for.  This moral debate is proof enough for me that this isn’t just some cheap teen story.

Also, the art is better than anything I could have ever pulled off, so I was pretty pleased with that as well. Disclaimer: I’m not so sure how valid my opinion of art is.  I’m pretty easily impressed by bright colors and pretty things.  Just sayin’.

I’m currently reading book one of The Walking Dead.  Let me tell you: I love zombies.  I don’t enjoy them, or kind of find them interesting–I adore post-apocalyptic tales involving some vicious reanimated corpses.  In a small, secret part of my soul, I know I am totally ready to take on some zombies when the world ends.  I have a bat, a battle playlist on my ipod.  Danielle is SET!  However, I digress.  So far, this graphic novel has not disappointed me.  I was even a little bit nervous to go down into the basement without the lights on after finishing the first half (an excellent sign, in my opinion).  I can’t wait to read the rest of them.  I will warn readers that this series is a bit graphic and might not be appropriate for younger audiences.  For me it has the right amount of terror, gore, violence and stress to content that zombie-loving part of my soul.

After I get my hands on the latest volumes of these two series, I am going to start Y: The Last Man by Brian Vaughan and The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman (who, for those who don’t know me well, I have an author-crush on).  I can’t wait!

Week Thirteen

I didn’t lose anything this week, but I’m not too worried about it.  I haven’t been working out as much as I normally do because I hurt my leg early in the week.  It’s on the mend, and I should be ready to track and yoga again soon.  At first I was upset that I didn’t lose even a small amount, but on my way to my car, one of the women from the meeting stopped to tell me that she’s been watching me since the beginning and she thought I looked fantastic.

Thank you, nice lady!  You made my day!

In other news, I’ve been reading the Runaways and making hats.  I recently added a box on the side bar that will be used to post small updates.  This way, I won’t make posts detailing them.  If you’re wondering what new features I’ve been working on, just check there.  Also, I added a new book to the poll.  Make sure to take a moment to vote!

That’s all I have for you at the moment.  Have a great week!

Quest For The Big Box

Tonight I realized I had to do something with the pile of discounted yarn I bought recently.  When I say pile, I don’t mean a little mound–I mean a giant boulder of one-pound skeins of yarn in every imaginable color.  I forced my brother to come with me to five stores, all of which had boxes that might possibly fit about half a hat inside.

After battling silly parking-lot walkers, who thought it was completely normal to text while walking in the exact center of the parking lot, and unsuccessfully explaining to several employees that all I wanted was one of those cute, long, wicker seats that had a removable top to reveal a vast empty space waiting to be filled with my yarn, I finally realized: It’s school season.  Who else, but new college students, would need an amazing selection of storage units?  Unrelated, I went back and read that huge sentence.  I kind of like its awkwardness.  I’m going to let it stay.

Anyway, I walked into the closest store, marched right up to the back-to-school section and found the most offensively large trunk I could find.  When I say this thing is HUGE, I kid you not.  I was able to easily fit all of my yarn inside, and while it takes up enough space in my room to make me feel guilty, I have to say I like it.  Also, it was probably hilarious to watch my brother and I trying to get that sucker inside my car.  It didn’t fit in the trunk even a little bit.  All in all, I think tonight was a big win.  Cue the Final Fantasy fanfare please!

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

Oh Heavens.  I just got back from going to see Scott Pilgrim VS The World. I’m proud to admit that I have never in my life walked out of a theater during a movie.  Sadly, I seriously considered it about 30 minutes into this film.  It started out awesome–I liked the style and the characters seemed promising.  Around the time Scott meets Ramona, the movie took a turn for the worse.  From the preview I got the impression that there would be a cornucopia of video game jokes and references.  This is what made me want to see this movie in the first place.  I left feeling empty and misled on that front.

Also, I disliked Ramona–besides her cool hair, I don’t see what about her character is worth battling seven evil exs.  Even though Knives was also an unattractive and extreme caricature of a girlfriend, I kind of liked her more.  I was hoping at the end that he’d go for the girl that stood up for herself (even if it was in a strange, obsessive way) and actually fought for what she wanted rather than the one who was like limp spaghetti the whole movie.  Buuuut of course, he goes for the soggy noodles.

Excluding Juno, I’ve yet to see a movie featuring Michael Cera that I enjoyed.  This movie has finally made me swear off ever watching anything he’s in for the rest of eternity.  In my very (not) professional opinion, I give this movie a 1/5.


I was sitting at my desk when the sky cracked open and it started raining like a three year old who couldn’t hold it anymore.  I turned off all my lights in hope there would be thunder and lightning, but there was nothing.  Disappointed, I thought about the shower I should take.  All week I’ve been in a thought bubble–I have thought the same sequence of causes and effects again and again, and felt the same hopelessness when I reached the same conclusion.  Finally, I got up from my chair, and instead of walking to the bathroom to shower, I went to the front door and stepped out into the rain.

It was cold.  I gasped involuntarily.  I couldn’t help but hold my arms out, palms facing the sky as if to say, “You, Cloud!  You’re wetting me!”  Rivers of rain flowed down the part of my bangs and splashed onto my shoulders.  It dribbled down my forehead, my nose; collected at the corners of my eyes and fell into the open flesh of my mouth.  In a matter of seconds, I was completely soaked.  My shirt, now completely saturated, weighed heavier and I was conscious of the way it pulled on my body.  I could feel the water slip down the center of my chest and stay at the bottom of my breasts until it grew too heavy and dripped onto my stomach.

I touched my hair, and my face and my legs.  For a complete and perfect moment in time, I felt cleansed.  It didn’t matter that my career was delayed or that I was stressed out about money.  I didn’t care about the lack of romance in my life or the person whom I wish for every single time 11:11pm is brought to my attention.  I didn’t care that time, cars, and all of nature was passing by.  I walked down the sidewalk until it ended, and stood there until the puddle on the cement beneath my bare feet and the rain falling on top of my head caused me to be too cold to remain.

For a few minutes I was connected to everything that is beautiful and perfect and alive.  Rain, with its neosporin-like qualities helped coat the wounds I brought out with me.  Next time I will bring someone with me and we will dance.  We will share that piece of life the way that perfect moments are meant to be shared.  Next time I will not step on the worm on the third step of my porch and I will stay until the thunder arrives.

Dear Person Who Posted A Link To This Site On Facebook,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have no idea who you are, but I am completely sure that you are not only beautiful, talented and amazing at everything you do, but that you also have wonderful eyes and puppies adore you.  You brought a lot of new readers here, and if we know one another, I’d like to give you a thank you hug.  I hope your entire week is filled with every single thing you want/need.  Also, I hope there is ice cream.  And maybe those adorable elephant shrews.  Well, perhaps your week shouldn’t be FILLED with elephant shrews.  That would be uncomfortable and probably not healthy.  One or two will do.


A grateful blogger

Improving the Site

I’ve been working on adding new features to this site (many of which I quickly/proudly post about).  This post is only slightly different.  I want to let you know, dearest reader, that I have added a place for a poll on my side bar, below the manuscript meter.  At the moment it’s helping with my indecision, but I will switch it up from time to time.  Be sure to check it out!

Also, I’m not sure what else would be fun to add to this place, (or even sometimes what you’d like me to talk about).  Let me know what interests you, what you’d like me to put here either in words or in features.  I will do my best to complete both.  I’m off to buy fish, clothes and probably more yarn!

Week Twelve

This week I lost 2.8 for a grand total of 21 pounds.  Whoo!  Goodbye three babies worth of weight!  My next goal is 26 pounds.  When I reach that, I will celebrate with some happy dancing and possibly a shopping trip.  I always feel the need to aid the economy when I have to celebrate.

In other news, mom and I have been watching the Dollhouse.  If you haven’t watched it (and you like Joss Whedon and sci-fi), I recommend you see it.  It’s only two seasons and the ending is definitely satisfying. If ever I meet a man who calls himself Topher, I may have to hug him.

I have been getting so many letters and postcards in the mail!  I love it.  I’m writing responses to them all now, and I’m hoping to mail the bundle out Monday.  I like to think of personal letters as physically throwing some love into the universe.

With this weekly update, I leave you.  May your week be filled with sunshine and cardinals!

The Tudors

I finally finished the last episode of the television show The Tudors. For the most part, I enjoyed the series. I have always loved British history (and I will certainly not complain with having to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill). While the show doesn’t always follow the historical path, I am willing to overlook it for the sake of a good story.  In my opinion, the cast was well chosen.  I loved the actress that played Catherine of Aragon almost as much as I hated the one that played Catherine Howard.  Then again, I am not Catherine Howard’s biggest fan, so perhaps I am slightly biased.

I also thought they did a nice job of ending the series.  Even though by the end of season three I wanted the ability to reach through the screen and strangle Henry myself, I was touched by the flashbacks to previous parts of his life just before his death.  Everyone knows how this series was going to pan out–Henry marries six times and then dies.  However, it was still entertaining to watch the seasons progress (especially in the beginning).  I had to take a short break during his marriage to Miss Howard, but once I got past that boring part, it was clear sailing.  Catherine Howard’s story was very similar to Anne’s, and while this was the way it panned out back in the day, it was a tad boring to watch as part of the show.  Thank God she only lasts a few episodes as opposed to Anne, who lasts most of two seasons.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and recommend it to those who like fancy dresses, history and scandal.  There are graphic torture and intimate scenes, so beware of watching the show around children.  I give it a 4/5.