Literal Harry Potter trailer

Click the link and watch a hilarious video about Harry Potter.  For those of you who don’t know (or haven’t already guessed), I am completely in love with all things Harry Potter.  I plan to be at the last two movies at midnight, dressed up and ready for some good times.  There is something perfect about the moment just before the movie starts, when everyone is sitting together and you know very well that you are surrounded by a mass of people who love this one thing you adore.  There is not one person in that theater that wouldn’t trade a left lung to teleport to Hogwarts (unless they got lost and meant to be in theater room eight where they are showing Eclipse).  That one second between when the lights begin dimming and the movie starts is always divine.  The tingles, the excitement, the warmness in your heart.  I looked forward to every book and I continue to look forward to the movies. Okay.  Nerdgasm over.

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  1. Man, now i really want to re-read HP7. I guess I will once I get home. Site’s lookin’ good, btw, keep it up!

    1. I’ve been tempted to re-read it too. However, I am standing firm in my promise to only read books I haven’t read before (at least for now). Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad to see the nickname finally stuck. 😀

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