More Fish!

I couldn’t help it.  I went and got a few new fish.  Added to the tank are three: a black fish with white spots, a white fish with black spots and a catfish.  The black fish has been named Judy, the white fish is Fufucuddlypoops and the catfish is Mr. Whiskers.  They are now happily swimming about, doing what fish do best.  I will do my best to get some pictures soon.

I wonder what fish talk about when I’m not there.  Probably about how weird I am to keep watching them.  It’s very relaxing–just sitting by the tank and watching fish do their thing.  It is also incredibly satisfying to feed them.  On a related topic, I have been considering getting Edward a cute little playground thing for the top of his cage.  Lately he comes out and hangs around with me.  He even lets me pet him.  He knew he had to step it up so he could keep his place as the favorite pet.  Smart bird!

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