Dear Girl in the Purple Dress,

At first I thought you were weird because you watched me through the window as I shoveled cereal into my face.  And then I was annoyed because you interrupted my makeshift breakfast to ask for books about Halloween costumes.  However, when I found you the books and you turned to me and told I was very beautiful, I nearly cried.  Thank you for making me smile, even if I was still chewing corn flakes.


The woman who showed you the Halloween books

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  1. Dear Lady,
    You are the light of my life. Each moment I miss you more.
    I am going to write you a haiku:
    Lady in book-place
    Gives me tinglies, grr rawr
    Come visit me, ho.

    Miss you!
    Also, aren’t I amazing at poetry?
    Mystery Lover
    (ooohhh aren’t I mysterious?)

    1. The girl in the purple dress..Yeah, I did you a favor. I found her, and crushed her for you. You are very welcome. : D

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