Judy Bloom

I arrived at work today with a bright smile and grand plans for getting things done.  I realized I was going to revise my dreams of a productive day when I viewed the massacre that once was my section of books.  It looked at if someone had sneezed novels everywhere.  I quickly set myself to fixing up the books I was bound by my honor (and my boss’s command) to keep neat and tidy.  As I reached the shelf housing books written by individuals whose last names begin with an “L,” a young girl and her brother walked down the aisle.

She searched for a while, then gasped loudly and pointed at the shelf.  She took two steps back, grasped the sides of her head with her hands and yelled, “OH MY GOD THEY HAVE JUDY BLUME HERE!”

For the next several minutes she explained to her brother how amazing this woman was and how her stories were the light in her life.  She confessed her undying affection for this author, then wished that she never stopped writing.  It was a wonderful and perfect moment of my day.

I want fans like that.

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