All my life I have wanted one thing: a dog.  My family home remains an anti-animal establishment.  The only dog I’ll be looking at anytime soon is the picture I have taped to my wall.  However, last night my father came home with a huge tank and some fish.  A friend gave it to us because he could no longer care for them.  We set up the tank (which was quite an effort) and added the fish. Even though I joked around all day how lame and boring fish are when compared with the fluffy, cuddly goodness of a puppy, it made me so happy to see the little fish swim around and play by the huge rock mountain I constructed.

This morning I woke up and sped to the fish store.  And by sped, I mean stayed about three miles above the speed limit.  I was serviced by a very good looking young man who helped me choose the perfect Pleco.  I went in the store with only one thing on my mind: I wanted one of those sucker fish that stick to the side of the tank and eat all the algae.  Sadly, I explained it to him exactly like that.  My brother picked the other seven fish.

The fish are happily swimming/sucking the algae of the side of the tank, and every time I walk by the tank I find I have to stand there and watch them.  It is very relaxing.  Three staring sessions ago I decided to just keep a chair in front of the tank so that when I feel the need to watch fish swim around, I can do at eye level.

And so, I have learned three very important lessons from this experience:

1. Fish are cool.

2. Pleco’s (especially the one I decided to buy and name Chupa Cara) are massively expensive because of the level of awesome their bodies can hold.

3. Regardless of what kind of animal you keep, there is nothing that can change the feeling of pure happiness you experience when they get excited about something you’ve done.  That’s right, I claim fish are excited when I dump some food in there.

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