Dear Ninja Rat,

I was originally scared when you popped out of the hummus restaurant door.  However, after you ran down the street and tried to ninja jump across the open metal cellar doors, I realized you were awesome.  Watching you cling to the door with your back foot was the best part of my day.  Until you fell and hit the man exiting the cellar.  Then that was the best part of my day.


The librarian screaming while carrying her pizza and watching you

I Have the Best Friends

I asked all my friends to send me moments that give them hope that I would be able to share on this blog.  My friend Ryan was the first one to respond–and boy did he.  He performed a song (which has become my favorite of what he’s ever done).  It put a huge smile on my face, and it reminded me that the universe was kind to me when it gave me my friends.  Enjoy!

15 Things I’m Learning While Running

1. I can feel my leg muscles and I like them.

2. I get a little faster each time I run.

3. Every time I’m half-way through running a new long distance, I think I can’t do it.  And then I do it.

4. Some runners use the wrong lane and they’re the worst.

5. Some walkers with baby strollers use the wrong lane and pretend to not see you.  They deserve that unintentional shoulder check.

6. Slow runners are pretty rad and really nice when you talk to them.

7. Elite runners are pretty rad and really inspiring when you talk to them.

8. No, seriously, touch my calves.  They’re awesome.

9. Marathons are scary, but I want to do one more than anything.

10. I really, really love race bling.

11. I want a medal so bad.

12. Seeing all my race bibs on my fridge makes me feel more powerful than anything else.

13. Beating personal records makes me cry a lot.

14. I have a lot of running equipment now–I feel like a cool kid when I wear some of it.

15. A pending injury is terrifying.

Bridging the Gap to Protugal

portugal bridgeI was never a big fan of bridges until I started running and wanted to run over really cool things.  This bridge, featured in a postcard sent from someone in Portugal, looks like the perfect place to go running.

Dear Lady On The Manhattan-Bound D Train,

Why are you yelling at the conductor?  He was opening the doors for an extra minute so we could get rid of the bad smell from the previous station.  You are quite literally more obnoxious that the poop smell lingering in the shadows of this train.  Stop yelling, please.


The librarian wanting to throw her book at you

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