Weird Canadian Card

28 Aug

weird canadian postcardI got this one from someone in Canada.  Maybe they ran out of postcards?  I still kind of like it–totally strange.


Reader’s Souls

26 Aug

I find things in them,

pieces of people who read.

Short blinks of their souls.


Thoughts From a New Yorker #38

25 Aug

It’s more painful to put the pieces together than to just be told you were unloved.


Week Two Hundred and Twenty-One

23 Aug

I weighed in while I was in Ohio and FINALLY had a loss.  Phew.  Talk about taking forever.  I kept all my goals as well, which means that I have to update my goals and make them harder (or new).  I’m still far away from getting everything completely under control, so for the next week (and most of September) I am going to work on these goals:

1. Go to the gym at least twice a week.  Even when I only want to stay for a little while.  Take gym clothes with me to work.

2. Drink soda only twice a week.

3. Always have fresh fruit in the apartment.

Work is about to kick up again and I’m determined to always have fresh fruit available as a snack.  I’m going to have to rework my days now that I’m going to be spending most of it outside doing work-things.  Here’s to working on the problems and having another loss!


15 Things I Noticed in Ohio

22 Aug

1. Everyone goes the speed limit every time.

2. Everyone is massively polite and kind.  Except that one kid in Old Roscoe.

3. There’s never traffic.

4. When they say “city” they really mean suburb.

5. Everything is green.

6. Nothing is open late unless it’s a bar.

7. Cleveland is dead.

8. There’s so much corn.

9. No gift shop sells magnets.

10. There are no cops.

11. All town names are either borrowed or a little racist.

12. It smells good.

13. Their homeless people insult you until you give them money.

14. Everything is less expensive and a little cooler.

15. I kind of want to move here.


San Diego Scene

21 Aug

san diego sceneLooks like I figured out the photo-sizing issues.  Sorry WordPress!  I still love you!  This postcard comes from San Diego, USA.  It’s really pretty and reminds me that I need to go on a vacation soon.


Cat Guardian

19 Aug

Her cat is not here.

She brought it home for Christmas.

Guardian of books.


Thoughts From a New Yorker #37

18 Aug

When I kiss you, I can taste the kindness on your lips.


Kissing Swings

17 Aug

I saw these in a park in Park Slope.  I thought it was adorable because they looked like they were cuddling.

kissing swings


Week Two Hundred and Twenty

16 Aug

I gained again this week, but I suspect it has to do with the renewed gyming I’ve been doing.  Next week will be the true tell whether or not I’m still messing up.  I kept up all my goals as well, which I’m really proud of.  I drank mostly water each day, and I think I’ve finally got to a healthy amount.

I started ordering from Fresh Direct, which counts as my kindness to myself each day.  Lots of fruit coming in means healthier choices and less stupid snacking.  I may or may not have also gotten two dresses for myself.  Kindness?  Check.

And lastly, going to the gym twice a week.  Surprisingly, I went three times last week, and walked there and back!  I even went one night that I wasn’t feeling well.  I stayed for 15 minutes, then went home.

I’ll be on vacation this week and so my goal is to keep these three things up even though I won’t be home.  Give me all your positive energy–I’m going to need it.