The Kitty Cat Pirate and the Yummy Treasure by Benjamin De Ridder

51opK445RnL._SX331_BO1,204203200_The Kitty Cat Pirate and the Yummy Treasure

Benjamin De Ridder

About the Book:

A long time ago, the very first Pirate Kitty made his base on a legendary island hiding an amazing kitty treasure. Kitty-Cat Pirate and his best friend Charlie are on the hunt for said treasure. They always laugh and have a great time together. From the mind of 6 year old author Benjamin De Ridder comes an adventure that will spark imagination and laughter in your child. The story of the Kitty-Cat Pirate captures the spirit of adventure. Rediscover the world through the eyes of a child, and share the joy of reading with your child. The Kitty-Cat Pirate and the Yummy Treasure is a fully illustrated book that can be enjoyed as a bedtime story for ages 5 and up. To read it independently, your child might be 3rd grade and older. To enjoy the story, you are never too old! Join the Kitty-Cat Pirate and Charlie today on their great adventure!

About the Author:

Benjamin De Ridder is a talented young creator. In kindergarten, he won the art awards. He has a big imagination, and loves drawing and crafting. A Houston native to Belgian and Peruvian Parents, he travelled all the way to Europe in 2015 to spend first grade in a Flemish school in the beautiful medieval city of Bruges. One day he crafted a book to surprise his dad. It featured a front-cover and back-cover drawing of the Kitty-Cat Pirate, and what looked like a narrative written in a secret cat-language. So Benjamin came to narrate the story of the Kitty-Cat Pirate and his best friend Charlie on the hunt for Kitty Treasure for the very first time.

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15 Things I Wish Were Possible After I Lose Weight

  1. Wearing super sexy dresses.
  2. Not having to fear flying away when I wave due to flappy arm fat.
  3. Be able to run a marathon.
  4. Or a 10 minute mile for that matter.
  5. Not getting sighed at when I sit next to someone on the subway.
  6. Be taken seriously at meetings.
  7. Not always crave food.
  8. Not having people offer me advice when they see me eat.
  9. Have a healthy body—especially a healthy heart.
  10. Feel like I deserve to be spoken to.
  11. Buy clothes at any place at all without worrying.
  12. Worry more about my hair than my ass.
  13. Be able to go running in just a running shirt, no cover-up jacket needed.
  14. Wear a bikini
  15. Feel pretty with my clothes off.


Between Two Banks by Wajdy Mustafa

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00017]Between Two Banks

Wajdy Mustafa

Selim falls in love with Julia, an older, married woman with children, who has moved from Aleppo to his village in Tartus, Syria. He is due to leave the village to start his University studies but instead, they run away from their disapproving families to begin a life together in 70’s Beirut, Lebanon.

Julia teaches French and Selim works in an office, dreaming of marriage and children with Julia. For her part Julia is more than she at first appears. She has a past that she keeps hidden from Selim, one that involves Roger from Toulon in France. Gradually, this past becomes the present and eats away at their dreams.

This is a beautifully crafted, deeply moving and fascinating story, set mainly in Beirut, during the 1960’s and 70’s. Between Two Banks, refers to the river of life which connects us all but can also separate us on opposite shores. This tale explores the historical, cultural and social connections and differences between France, Lebanon and Syria through the thoughts, experiences and interconnecting life stories of its three main characters, whilst set against the backdrop of emerging unrest in Lebanon.

It is a tale of love, passion and tragedy, which poignantly highlights the eternal human condition, as love pulls them together to explore its deeper, timeless magic and how crushing reality cruelly tears everything apart.

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15 People Whose Graves I Really Want To Visit

  1. Alan Rickman
  2. Oscar Wilde
  3. All 3 of the Bronte sisters (cheating!)
  4. Walt Whitman
  5. Princess Diane
  6. Lord Byron
  7. Percy Shelley
  8. William Shakespeare
  9. Terry Pratchett
  10. Freddy Mercury
  11. Martin Luther King Jr.
  12. Ella Fitzgerald
  13. Anne Frank
  14. Gandhi
  15. Saint John Baptiste De La Salle

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