How To Make A Great Jar Soy Candle

12 Nov

How to Make a Great Jar Soy CandleHow to Make A Great Soy Jar Candle: Revealing My Favorite Candle Suppliers

By Amber Richards

Have you ever wondered if you could make a high quality, scented soy candle from home? Then look now further. This book was written by author Amber Richards who owned and operated her own soy candle business from home and reveals the details of exactly how to do this. It also covers the equipment one needs, and very valuable is a list of her favorite candle suppliers.

Whether you want to simply make beautiful candles for your own use, to give as gifts to friends, or even start your own candle business using soy wax, this is a must-read.

To buy this awesome book, click here: How to Make A Great Soy Jar Candle: Revealing My Favorite Candle Suppliers

You can also visit the author’s awesome website.


Reading Kitty

23 Oct

reading kittyThis postcard is from Germany.  Did you know that in Germany, even the cats read?


Reading in Hungary

16 Oct

reading in hungaryOh my God, check out this awesome guy.  This postcard comes from Hungary, and basically has convinced me that everyone who lives there is level ten amazing.


Relaxed Statue

09 Oct

relaxed statueThis Russian statue is probably the happiest and most relaxed I’ve ever seen.  I really hope one day someone makes a statue of me too.  Can anyone tell me who this is, by the way?


Finnish Bookshelves

02 Oct

finnish bookshelvesThis postcard is from Finland, and shows what I like to think is someone’s home library.  There’s a great deal of different kind of books mixed together, which makes my heart happy.


Reading with Flowers

25 Sep

reading with flowersThis card comes from Russia, and it’s just a beautiful tribute to how magical reading is.  I’m completely in love with it.


American Book Cover

18 Sep

american book coverThis one is from the US, and features an old Puffin book cover.  Super awesome, and super adorable.


Apples on Adventures

11 Sep

apples on adventuresCheck out this awesome postcard from Russia.  It’s apples!  And they’re going on adventures!  Mostly they look like they’re reading, and that makes me love it more.

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10 Sep

Dear Bubble Tea,

Om nom nom, you are so delicious!  I love everything about you!


Your drinker


Thoughts From a New Yorker #40

08 Sep

There are only so many times I can accidentally get on an R train before I declare myself an idiot.