Gratitude: H

H is for Hips

My hips are the biggest part of my body, but they’re also my favorite part.  I like the way they look in dresses and jeans, and I am really grateful for the things that they do for me.  I used to run a great deal, and I had to stop because of a hip injury.  As summer approaches, and I get ready to start running again, I’m grateful to have healthy and happy hips that allow me to move, jump, play and run.  My hips make me feel feminine and sexy—they’re a part of me that I have struggled to love, but am forever happy to have.

Bea by Laura Lawrence

Laura Lawrence

Bea follows Paige’s journey to become a mother. Paige and her husband Stuart are desperate to become parents but are struggling to conceive and once pregnant, Paige has lost all of her babies. Plummeting into depression she fall for her new best friend, Jeremy, he’s kind and caring and knows how to stop her pain that she’s kept hidden from her husband. Paige struggles to get through the days and thinks a new life with Jeremy could be the answer. What a shame he’s perfect for her life long best friend. In a bid to save her crumbling marriage Paige sets up her two friends and works on her own relationship. Will she be able to succeed in her dream of becoming a mother now the depression has been lifted?

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Chronicles of a Barnyard Life: Smile Mr. Cow!

Dear Reader,

I am so excited to share my Children’s book “SMILE MR. COW!” with you!! It has really been a labor of love for the better part of the past year. 🙂 So I hope you like it! Check it out on Amazon-Free preview inside!

The story is about Mr. Cow, who is trying to find happiness. He’s reminded by his barnyard companions to zoom out, look around, and absorb the gifts that life gives us. It’s an uplifting story focusing on soft skills such as empathy and gratitude. Did you know that soft skills such as these and communication and determination are the biggest predictors of success for children? Not academics, not GPA, not IQ. It’s all that stuff that parents try to instill in their kids early on. This was the inspiration behind the book.

As part of it’s debut, I’m thrilled and humbled to be able to give 100% of the proceeds from AMAZON during the month of APRIL to my all time favorite Charity (from my hometown Memphis, TN) ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL!! So get a book or two and give some away ;).

Thank you for your support and encouragement. Please Like & Share or Post an Amazon review!! Hopefully Smile Mr. Cow! can raise some money for some really awesome kids.

Dr. Priya Sun
Philadelphia, PA

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The Seasons of a Giant

The Seasons of a Giant
Pamela Hartley

Isabel Margaret LaDuke was a designer of couture bubble bath fashion until she inhaled her bubbly choker and hurled. She was also the greatest hunter of all time until she realized her arrow only flew from her fingers to the ground when it’d fall off her bow. But in the face of many fails, Izzy had one sterling attribute, unbridled bravery. And now, she’d have to prove it because Izzy had a giant problem. Literally.

In brave pursuit of a cattle rustling monster, Izzy finds herself smack-dab in the middle of Behemorph Territory: home to giant, shape-shifting monsters who eerily melt into their surroundings to stalk their prey, her Groundling people. Izzy must befriend the very monster (Boone) she fears, for only he holds the key to returning her home alive. As the two unlikely heroes confront terrible creatures and deadly enemies, Izzy will learn a lot about Boone—and she’ll discover her own incredible potential. And to make matters worse, her disappearance has caused an impending battle between the Groundlings and a savage, Icelandic tribe of Behemorphs bent on the decimation of her race. But in the end, Izzy will have to choose: rescue the monster she’s grown to love, or return home to save her people from a disastrous attack.

THE SEASONS OF A GIANT is a MG fantasy which warms the heart, tickles the soul, sends a shiver down your spine, and proves that everyone, no matter how small, can dig deep and summon up the courage of a lion; a Beauty and the Beast meets the BFG meets Jack the Giant Slayer….a ‘feel good’ monster story.

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Gratitude: G

G is for Goals

The goals I’ve set for myself throughout my life have changed as the things that are important to me change.  When I first started losing weight, getting smaller and weighing less were the only things that mattered to me.  I didn’t care if it meant starving all day, or skipping parties or hurting myself.  I just wanted to feel pretty and thin.  I dropped a lot of weight, but it was very difficult to keep it off.

Now that I’m older, being smaller is still important, but not as important as being strong and being happy and healthy.  I started lifting weights and working out to make my body stronger than it was.  I started putting experiences before the number on the scale, and I’m getting better at living happy and healthy at the same time.  Realizing that this journey isn’t going to stop when I reach my goal weight has made me appreciate the time it’s taking me to get there a little more.

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