American Book Cover

18 Sep

american book coverThis one is from the US, and features an old Puffin book cover.  Super awesome, and super adorable.


Apples on Adventures

11 Sep

apples on adventuresCheck out this awesome postcard from Russia.  It’s apples!  And they’re going on adventures!  Mostly they look like they’re reading, and that makes me love it more.

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10 Sep

Dear Bubble Tea,

Om nom nom, you are so delicious!  I love everything about you!


Your drinker


Thoughts From a New Yorker #40

08 Sep

There are only so many times I can accidentally get on an R train before I declare myself an idiot.


Awesome Jellyfish

07 Sep

I was walking to the subway from Ample Hills (the best ice cream on the face of this earth, and I saw this.  Jellyfish!

wall jellyfish


Old Ukraine

04 Sep

old ukraineHOW COOL IS THIS POSTCARD?!  It comes all the way from the Ukraine, and is definitely one of my favorites.  It’s awesome!


Folding Shame

02 Sep

Did you fold that page?

Did you disobey the rules?

Go get a bookmark!


Thoughts From a New Yorker #39

01 Sep

One day I’ll stop looking for your face in the subway crowd and on the streets and it will be months before I even notice I’ve forgotten you.


18th Ave Street Fair

31 Aug

I’m super lucky to have had a chance to see the 18th ave. street fair in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.  And the best part of the street fair?  Sharing deep fried oreos with people you like.  And then complaining for an hour about the abundance of sugar that my face is covered in.

deep fried oreos


Week Two Hundred and Twenty Two

30 Aug

I worked super hard this week to stay on track, and my hard work paid off!  This week I lost 2.8 pounds, which makes me want to jump for joy!  I’m finally seeing the fruits of my extreme gyming and watering and mindfulness.  This week coming is hopefully a grand week for me, and for all you.

Sending you my love!