Beatrix Percival

Beatrix Percival
Christopher Hiedeman

Follow Beatrix on her extraordinary adventure as she plummets further into an unknown world full of strange beings, mystical creatures, and magic. When tragedy begins to unravel the world around her, love drives her on the journey that lies ahead. But, will it be enough?

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A Sister’s Sacrifice

A Sister’s Sacrifice
Chris B. Porter

They say when you die and go to heaven, your loved ones are there waiting for you. This wasn’t the case for Megan. Her memories felt clouded and she knew something wasn’t quite right. Wasn’t Ashley supposed to be there too?

Megan would gladly leave heaven and search the darkest areas in the afterlife to find her sister. Luckily, she finds some help along the way.

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Dear Ladies on the MegaBus,

Stop.  What are you doing?  Your stuff is literally everywhere—jackets on our chairs, bags on multiple seats.  Who do you think you are?  And then waking us up several times because you’re cold and need your jackets or because you are shaking the seats?  You’re self-centered and rude and I hope you miss your next bus.

The librarian you keep waking up

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